Zna’s Fitness Background

My background and education in the fitness field, with exercise physiology, and nutritional sciences, includes many years of training with traditional exercises. Extensive studies in exercise physiology and fitness with traditional exercises was required for decades in my business working in training and management in health and fitness clubs. My own business started in 1981 training, exclusively, with my trade secrets.

These experts, who trained me in the traditional exercise systems, were doctorates in exercise physiology. These years of studies included written and oral exams, as well as observation of the personal training in these establishments.

Certification by these Ph.D’s in Exercise Physiology in traditional training requisite for my management positions in health clubs increased my overall understanding and expertise in fitness programs.

Although my trade secrets were taught since 1973, publicly, to “fill in gaps” left by traditional fitness, they are the only exercises taught since my business started in 1981 and are proven to leave all traditional fitness training and programs “in the dust” (see research findings and scientific studies, below). These were left behind as “obsolete,” archaic, and ineffective.

Clients experiencing my nontraditional exercise breakthroughs see their fitness level vastly improve quickly. Their experience with traditional programs never gave them such peak performance in fitness.

This holiday season often includes winter sports for those who enjoy this. Empower your winning edge performance, safely, to circumvent injury.

As a ski instructor for years, my students were both children and adults in an international setting: Vail, Colorado. Experience in training all for conditioning for safety and enjoyment of all winter sports since 1973 has been a priority. A competitive freestyle, “extreme” snow skier, and competitive slalom water skiing prepared me for my instruction in these and other sports. “Couch potatoes” can now be safer, also, with my winning edge peak conditioning for their best peak performance in recreational activities.

In these and every day physical activities, my clients enjoy safety, health & better mobility. The professional, Olympic and other competitive athletes enjoy our athletic training, and sports medicine with these winning edge training breakthroughs. The peace of mind is priceless, for athletes and non-athletes, knowing chances for injuries are lessened.

Pre-sports and pre-ski conditioning for decades also prepared me for working with competitive, Olympic and pro athletes of all individual and team sports. My participation in competitive tennis and racquetball also prepared me for conditioning those in racquet sports. My “hole in one” in golf gave me confidence to share my pre-golf conditioning secrets for golf enthusiasts! Get your body ready for celebrating.
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