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A Video of Zna’s Many Years of Successful Clients 
Zna Trainer’s Story From once a gal with 50 inch belly, 45 inch butt and 28 ” thighs to a petite size 2 at 62 years young, her pictures will show you how she has transformed herself

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“Thanks to your stellar exercise system, I’ve shrunk (in all the right places) from a size 8 to a size 2!  My body is lean, muscles taut, and I’m lifted exactly where I needed it. Your program launches my day with upbeat, even energy that lasts until evening.

I have never experienced anything like this.  People in my life who I’ve known for years are all intrigued, since I look amazing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Dr. Shoshana Bennett

Lauren Solomon is a top image consultant in NY and tried O2 Breakthrough and loved it!

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Nancy Knettell Who is Nancy Knettell? Nancy Knettell asks, “Why Not
Make Million$?” Why not, indeed? Nancy Knettell is known as the “Money Queen,” and she can show you, too, how to increase your income and earn the wealth you deserve. Nancy came to Zna Trainer in Dec. of 2009 to get healthy and loose weight. In just 1 week, she had lost 20 lbs. After week 2, she had lost a total of 30 lbs. Nancy had tried it all with no success. Hear her story in her own words on video. Watch her amazing transformation and enjoy her promo pictures of what she looks like today!

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Lance Johnson: Lance has many areas of expertise. He studied
Zna’s O2 Breakthrough before contacting her. He understands the science and supports it. Lance had amazing results along with his wife who gave birth and was looking to regain her figure. Lance, who shot 6 CONSECUTIVE 3 pointers, besting all but NBA’s @Reggie Miller’s SEVEN CONSECUTIVE 3 pointers in 1 NBA game, Lance, the inventor/man of science/engineer, athlete whose 10,500 calories *3 LBS. of FAT burned in ONLY 3 MINUTES training on day 2~3 minutes doing of his choice to *DO “
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Zna interviews Mike about his amazing story. He will tell you how he went from a 95% blockage of his heart to the amazing health he enjoys today. His story will inspire you!
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Susan Preston – Business Coach
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Barbara Duke
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Tatyanna Gann
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 Josette Fisher – Former Miss Oregon/USA and former owner of the Colorado, Idaho & Utah Mrs. pageants. 

Josette Fisher will tell you about her observation since 1983 of O2 Breakthrough Power Training Trade Secrets “special effects,” proven by many of her pageant contestants over the years. Proven, documented, in comparative research, these scientific studies findings show 9 X more body fat burned than all other exercises.

Josette saw these immediate “extreme makeovers” for women with sometimes 5 to 8 children as owner over Colorado, Idaho, & Utah’s Mrs. Pageants. Josette first learned how magically & quickly these unique exercises work in 1983. Her Utah contestant, Mrs. Elizabeth Olsen, downsized to 1/3 her size; from a size 12 to a size 4 in SIX weeks, nursing her 5th baby, she won the Mrs. Utah Crown & First in Swimsuit! Many years, consecutively, with the Top 15 in Swimsuit, Winners & First in Swimsuit being my clients, Josette named me “Official Figure Consultant” for Mrs. Colorado, Utah, Idaho Pageants!
Deremiah Cpe  Deremiah *CPE, Author, Keynote Speaker, Platform Speaker, Radio personality and Spokesperson.

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Grandma Lee found amazing results with O2 Breakthrough, she had been in pain since childhood due to a car wreck, Hear her tell her story.
Click for Grandma’s Story
Below hear this story from
a client who was 67/68 at the time of this recording:

‎”You saved my life!” 52% body fat down to 10% and lost 110 lbs. in 7
months; 33lbs. in the 1st 30 days. David Riccardo
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Terri’s Story
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/i//kit5.jpgKit Kartchner ” I was a part-time personal trainer for Zna at Celestial Bodies Studio in Salt Lake City while my husband finished up his medical residency at the University of Utah.
 The results I saw over and over again as a trainer in these exercises, flew in the face of conventional diet and exercise “wisdom”, yet were as real as anything I’ve ever witnessed. It was not unusual for a woman to lose a full inch off one body part -hips, for instance, or abdomen–as well as a half pound of fat or even up to a pound–in just ONE SESSION!To be accurate in my measurements, I would draw on my client’s leotard with tailor’s chalk, to be sure the measuring tape was in the exact place in both the before and the after measurements. I insisted that my clients drank at least a full 16 ounces of water during their workout of Zna’s cutting edge 02 Power Presses and patented positions. Because of the water consumption, I know it was not just water weight lost; but actual body fat.

I myself came to Zna after the birth of my fourth child as a size 10 and using her program was soon a svelte size 6, feeling better than I could have imagined.

Zna’s exercise program burns fat off at an astounding rate. I still use the things she taught me daily.

As a busy and successful entrepreneur, I love that I can do the program in my jammies on my own bed at the start of a new day, and in just 15 or 20 minutes, give my body the equivalent of an hour at the gym!

Any wellness program that does not take into account a practical, scheduled way of saturating the body with oxygen is missing the most important ingredient!

I highly recommend to all that they study under Zna’s excellent mentoring. She was and is a pioneer in cutting edge wellness!


Kit Kartchner, President,

Patti Miner

“In 1983 I was approached by a sponsor to run for Mrs. Utah.I had two children and did not feel comfortable to go in front of the judges with the scrutiny of the swimsuit competition.
Zna came to my rescue and taught me how to literally lose inches in an hour.
She helped me to sculpt and tone my body and eventually win the pageant. I have always been grateful to Zna for this break-through knowledge which is now helping me to prepare to release my 4th album. You can see a current photo on my website”
Two of Utah’s finest on our SmartBodies, Inc. medical advisory board, both OB/GYN physicians, Dr. Alan Rappleye, and Dr. Kent Rasmussen, share below their thoughts of this life’s work in their own words. These are excerpts of physicians’ letters on their letterhead in our Executive Summary and our Business Pro Forma, inviting all to enjoy these breakthroughs:“Zna has done extremely well on the [O2 Breakthrough program]. She has lost weight and improved her skin and muscle tone dramatically. The weight loss was excellent but the skin and muscle tone is even better. She has not needed any plastic surgery. Based on this person’s success, I can recommend this system to others.” Dr. Kent Rasmussen. MD, OB/GYN 
[O2 Breakthrough] is a remarkable exercise program and lifestyle which I have observed since 1984. My wife and many of my patients have achieved dramatic results and success by following this program. As Zna’s physician of 5 years I have witnessed her unprecedented progress as she has skillfully changed her figure. Through her O2 Breakthrough program she has controlled her weight, improved her skin and muscle tone without surgery or the use of diet aids. The O2 Breakthrough program has seemed to restore her body comparable to that of a much younger woman. Her wealth of knowledge and perseverance have resulted in an energetic and vibrant woman creating an image of youthfulness and vitality. I recommend as one of Zna Trainer’s medical consultants that each client ask their physician to participate in their program which includes in-house certified lab testing. These tests will help monitor your progress as you regularly exercise and improve your lifestyle.”
Dr. Alan Rappleye, MD, OB/GYN

Ron Burnhart

lost 30 LBS. in 30 days! His waist size
decreased from 42 inches to 34 inches in only one month!

Benny Eggers,

Florida “horse whisperer,” race horse trainer lost 21 LBS. in his first month!

Kathleen Wing,

Florida nurse & massage therapist, downsized
from a size 24 to a size 12 in 6 weeks!
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Barbara Scott, a Grandmother in her 50′s lost 11 lbs. and 17 1/2 inches in only three days!
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Roslyn R., another successful client, started at 140 pounds, exercised for 6 weeks with Zna’s program to achieve her 105 pound goal. “After working with Zna, I feel as if I’ve been working out with traditional exercises for two to four hours. I feel wonderful and excited knowing what I can do for myself and hope to be a walking billboard …. soon.”  Roslyn R. “I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my weight loss! You said it could be done and you did it! In less that three months I have lost 20 pounds and nearly 50 inches!! …. I’m actually happy with myself for the first time. … My only wish now is that everyone have the opportunity to learn what you taught me. No one has to be heavy, no one has to starve to lose weight, and anyone can learn your technique. Thank you for caring about me, and for the magic you performed!”
Skye Winslow
 “I’ve been on a so called diet for 25 years … up and down …. always going to be on a diet Monday … it was a horrible way of life! When I met Zna, I was very skeptical about the program. I was reaching out for anything. This first visit was unbelievable! In 11 days. . . I lost 18 pounds and 32 inches. I don’t feel like I am on a diet … she has a great eating plan! I’ve been to several diet clinics, and never lost weight like this! It simply fell off!!!! I’ve changed my way of life since the day I met Zna and have been very happy! I’ve even had a better self image… Thanks, Zna for giving me back my life, and putting me in control.”

Evelyn B.
I went from a size 14 to size 6 designer skirt and jeans in 7 weeks … my advanced sculpturing … The skin tone changed on my thighs to smoother, tighter and harder. The workout was an overall exertion to the point it is even hard to write. I have run 2 marathons and the workout overall is even harder. “
Stephanie B. In six months using the O2 Breakthrough™ exercises, I went from a size 14 to a size 3-4 … I achieved more in 30 days with this program than in 10 years of running 6 miles a day.My “thunder thighs” were elongated. I have flexibility that I haven’t had as a child. I have strengthened my whole body.

People who know me think I look 20 years younger than I looked 6 months ago. People who don’t know me can’t believe I’m 43 with 6 children. My body continues to improve, refine &sculpture. I’ve lost desire for unhealthy eating. – and my colleagues comment: “Where do you get so much energy?” After teaching two sessions of kindergarten and attending late evening real estate classes, they call me the “kindergarten cheerleader.”

Totally exercised, refreshed and strengthened in a very short time. I can do in minutes with these exercises what takes an hour with traditional aerobics. My body feels refreshed and rejuvenated. Every muscle is saying ‘thanks for remembering me.”

Nancy Adair “I have watched my wife, Nancy, condition her body over the last three years through the exercise program that Zna has developed. Nancy lost 30 pounds in the first three months, not only that, she did something that I would have guaranteed impossible: She spot reduced tush and thighs.Skeptical by nature, and being a runner, my words to my wife were something like this, OK, if you want to waste our money for a gimmick like this, you deserve it. But I guarantee that in three months you will be only slightly, if any, different from your current physical condition and weight. All you will have gained will be the knowledge of one more weight-loss, conditioning program that is heavy on promises and light on substance.

A financial analyst by professional training, I am used to seeing through the hype of a sales pitch and separating the fluff from hard facts. In this instance, I am surrounded by hard bodies which have supplied plenty of hard facts in this matter. I have watched three of my wife’s close friends become curious at what she had done to seemingly turn her age back from forty to thirty. After adopting this program, one of the friends placed high in the rankings in Mrs. Utah Pageant, the next one, an 8 mile-per-day runner lost more weight in her first month of Zna’s program than in her previous decade of running. The third went from a matronly forty year old mother of four to a visual “knockout” within three months. I know this product is unusual in that it performs up to expectations.”
Michael Adair

Jenny Brown writes:
“Hi Zna! I wanted to let you know that I am still doing the exercises and I am down from a size 16 to a size 8!!! I started working out with you in May and the weight is still coming off as I do the exercises. I am feeling better than I ever have in my life. I get so many compliments on a daily basis with people telling me I look great and asking me what I am doing. I always refer them to your website and tell them about you. I never thought I would be in a size 8. Even in High School I was not. Better by the decade really is possible!! I am so appreciative to you for the things I learned from you that have helped me to achieve my best body ever!!! Thank you, thank you!!
 Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown writes:
“Zna, Thank you! I am doing really well. I have been calling in the mornings and working out. I am down to a size 6. :) I am loving it!! Thanks for all you do!! You have an amazing powerful program!
training session

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