Why Choose Zna?

My Training Will SUPERCHARGE Any METABOLISM & Accelerate Your Journey to Optimal Fitness & Weight Loss Results!For your convenience, my personal training is delivered to you via phone.  Workout in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room, or anywhere for your total body conditioning – top level total fitness in only 15 minutes daily!Whether you are a couch potato, a professional athlete or somewhere in between, you can benefit greatly from O2 Breakthrough™ exercises proven to generate the highest levels of oxygen for your best and fastest results.Eliminate the stress to your joints and your body from the experience with running or high impact traditional programs by switching to my non impact O2 Breakthrough™ Exercises. Join me and reduce that extra “wear and tear” on your body!

These breakthrough exercises are exceptional in assisting individuals with injuries in rehabilitating and returning to peak performance status much more quickly! If you are an athlete, why wait until you are injured to incorporate our rejuvenating techniques into your daily program? Add some “insurance” to your injury prevention arsenal with the addition of Zna’s O2 Breakthrough exercise techniques in your daily fitness routine!

If you are a coach, you certainly want each individual on your team to be competing at peak performance as long as possible. Injury prevention is obviously extremely important component also. Improve your team’s fitness level and gain a competitive edge by including Zna’s O2 Breakthrough training techniques in your team’s workout program. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in only 20 minutes per day.

Save time!  There is no need to spend extra time traveling to and from a gym, waiting your turn to use the equipment when you are there. With my exercises, you can workout anywhere and they are much more  time and energy efficient. Give me 15 minutes a day and let me help you achieve your best body and your best personal fitness level ever!There’s no more need for traditional exercise programs, nor equipment, nor pills, nor shakes, nor pre-packaged meals.

I’m  sure that you will be astonished at how much more effective that my exercises are in helping to achieve results than traditional exercise programs. I’ve spent over 30 years developing my O2 Breakthrough™ Program.

  • Burn 9 times more fat than all other exercises!
  • Increases 12 1/2 times more oxygen intake capacity over all other exercises
  • 21 times more weight loss than all other conventional & traditional training
  • Build 6 times more lean tissue/muscle mass — than even weight training — to increase your fastest fat burning metabolism

I have several former employees and students that I’ve trained in the past who are now well known “fitness experts.”  None have ever given any credit or acknowledged any participation in my programs and actually claim to have created their own system of enhancing oxygen intake through diaphragmatic breathing techniques combined with a variety of exercises.

If you want to learn  the original oxygenation exercise techniques  which I created and have improved and refined over the years, then you have come to the right place!

In addition to the extra benefits that you will experience with my program, you will also receive the regular health benefits that you would also receive with a traditional fitness/weight loss program. Some of these benefits of a regular program include but are not limited to:1.   Lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease

2.   Lower risk factors for colon cancer

3.   Lower risk factors for type 2 diabetes

4.   Help control blood pressure  (If you are overweight, losing just 5 to 10% of your weight and  keeping it off lowers your risk for developing many  diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.)

5.   Promote psychological well-being and self-esteem

6.   Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety

7.   Help manage weight

8.   Build endurance and muscular strength

9.   Help build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints

10.   Increase your functionality overall in such  areas as balance, flexibility, stamina and injury prevention

11.   Boost wellness, immunity and sleep

12.   Assist in rehabilitation from or management of deficiencies in lung function such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
13. Feel better and look better

Don’t wait for 2008 and New Year’s Resolutions. Enjoy your best body during the holidays and begin the new year with your best body.

For those already planning snow ski trips, start today getting those legs strengthened and your total body conditioned. You want to really maximize your time and enjoyment on the slopes.

Let’s get started now!

I guarantee that as your personal trainer, I will guide you and give you the training that you will need to help  achieve your personal best fitness and weight loss goals in record time! I will treat you as if your were a valued friend or family member. I will communicate very clearly so that you will understand my innovative exercises and proprietary techniques. I want you to be comfortable with me as your personal trainer before you ever start on the first day!

Here is what I want you to do (assuming you are looking to either lose weight or just want to achieve your personal best fitness level):

1. Experience a sample of my training for free on Saturday!

2. If you have a conflict and can’t attend the Saturday Show, register anyway and I will make sure that a replay will be available so you will be able to listen during a time that is more convenient with your own personal schedule.You’re welcome to forward this site to your VIP guests; friends, family, and business associates so they can benefit along with you! Invite your best friends, family & associates to join you and us on Saturday for this energizing, empowering “feel good” experience. It’s a great way to start a Saturday!

3.  Meet and talk with past and current clients during my weekly Saturday Show. Your success is our #1 priority! Let us know how best to serve you! Your questions are welcomed.

4. Talk to at least 5 of my clients. Ask them if I do what I say that I do. Ask them if my program does what I say that it does. Ask them what kind of results they achieved with my program. Ask them if they would recommend me and why.
5. Register for the daily “live” training sessions.
If you truly want to lose weight or if you want to look and feel better with your ideal body and your personal best fitness level and you are willing to make a commitment to make a change, let’s talk!  Call me at801-651-6115 or join me on Saturday for my show!

This proven proprietary program is truly a lifetime fitness program. It’s complete total body conditioning and the only one that you will ever need for the best rest of your life!

Zna, Founder & CEO
SmartBodies, Inc.
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