A good way to save your colon with this fruit!

I have a quick suggestion.  One of my favorite fruits is the pomegranate. It is a sweet succulent fruit that can do wonders for you body, especially your colon.  I saw an article on this very subject and wanted to share it with you all as this is one of my secrets of keeping my body clean.  Enjoy Zna


By RealAge

Darker than rubies and loaded with sweet-tart taste, pomegranate juice has lots of sensory appeal. But here’s a better reason to love it: It may keep your colon healthy.

In a recent test-tube study, special polyphenols in the juice appeared to do a stellar job of vanquishing colon cancer cells, reducing their ability to replicate by 85 percent.

Cancer, Interrupted
The juice of the pomegranate contains polyphenols called ellagitannins, which are metabolized by your digestive system into substances called urolithins. Both of these mighty fine compounds throw a biochemical monkey wrench into processes that allow cancer cells to develop, divide, and thrive. And in a study, these tongue-twister pomegranate compounds knocked back a key enzyme that normally converts certain compounds in food into carcinogens. (Find out about the colon cancer screening choice that could save your life.)

Your Colon Protection Plan
At least 29 percent of the helpful compounds in pomegranate juice reach your intestines intact. Pretty good numbers. And a pretty good reason to enjoy this delicious juice. But you can also sample the strange, wonderful, juicy seeds of a ripe pomegranate. Just don’t eat the pith — it’s quite bitter. And don’t make pomegranates the sole component of a cancer-prevention plan. A low-meat diet and regular exercise are key to protecting your colon. Here’s another smart strategy for thwarting colon cancer.

Follow this delicious EatingWell recipe for Vanilla-Pomegranate Parfaits.

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