Breast Cancer Update, the industry is buzzing..

Understanding that most medical professionals don’t understand the cancer debate.  People like Suzanne Somers have gone against establishment and searched for answers.

Jean Kelsey shared: One statement in here really hits the nail on the head as it pertains to your program, Zna, “Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.”

As you already know Zna, the primary cause of cancer is a deficiency of oxygen. It has been discovered that when a healthy cell is deprived of 60% or more of its necessary oxygen, it will become cancerous! Previously I mentioned, we have polluted our world, such that the air we breathe is only about 20% oxygen, and it is physically impossible for us to get enough oxygen in our body cells by just normal breathing!

Thank you, @Janet Anne Winn, for your selflessly serving, sharing w/so many, the truths of this world renowned Dr. Otto Warburg, acclaimed, honored in *MEDICINE* for his discovery, as a physician, and a scientist, for his discovery of *OXYGEN* as the *ANSWER TO CANCER.Oncologists/cancer specialists, as well as many medical specialists acknowledge my own oxygenation massively delivered immediately to the cells, as the SOLE SOURCE of this velocity, volume which is so life giving, immediately, and healing, saving lives in this most important human health breakthrough since the beginning of human life.

All other exercises, including yoga, and thousands of years old breathing techniques, are all minuscule, very inefficient in oxygen delivery. Although deep diaphragmatic rib cage breathing is recommended to do throughout the day, especially… to combat stress, it is not what I am teaching~as no one has done these before learning them from me. Some may claim~former employees, some clients, to have this, teach this, but none yet have succeeded in transferring anything remotely correct. After training trainers for a decade to share, it was finally realized these are not duplicated, replicated to benefit anyone. Now technology empowers millions simultaneously to benefit! All are deserving of getting only the best~no mediocrity here.

These benefit in breathing more deeply, involuntarily, especially when asleep, but are not “breathing exercises” ~Instead, these include, as does walking, the best benefits of all the ways to bring energy to each cell~meridian, and chakras,… and energy centers optimized. These are very unusually empowering the red corpuscles to most immediately, efficiently deliver oxygen to every cell in less than a second. This life giving system is why so many are biologically anti-aging every cell, inside out, bringing life, and health in the safest way possible, saving lives, preventing aging, disease, viruses, cancer, disease, and inflammation which causes these challenges, including pain. Thank you, @Janet!

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Below Dr. Mercola has a very good article on this very subject!  Educate yourself to prevent this from happening to you.


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