Lifesaving Secrets of Your Neglected Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the lower part of your neck. Small as it may be, the single teaspoon of thyroid hormone it secretes each year must drive the metabolic rate of every individual cell in your body.

As a person with zero thyroid, I have spent most of my adult life researching this subject.  I spent a lot of time on my back and until I discovered O2 Breakthrough, I was doomed.  I had submitted to all tests TSH level, the test most physicians recommend perform to check the thyroid.

The thing is, go the extra mile to rule out thyroid desease. Have  other thyroid hormones checked, use basal body temperature, which was low (another sign of underactive thyroid functioning).

Look at other other symptoms of hypothyroid, including weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, and constipation.

Don’t rule out natural therapies as most drugs today carry significant side effects.

Did you know there was a link between Thyroid Imbalance, Heart Disease, and at Least 59 Other Symptoms and Conditions?

“As most people know, Coronary artery disease is the #1 killer in America. What goes along with heart desease is high cholesterol which has been implicated as a major cause of death due to heart disease.  But watch out, if  you have elevated cholesterol levels, your doctor may be all too eager to quick to write you a prescription for a cholesterol-lowering statin drug.  BE WARE, the side effects can be devastating.  Do your homework.

What you’ve probably never been told before now that there is plenty of evidence that and research has shown that hypothyroidism makes you vulnerable to high cholesterol levels.  So be sure and understand and ask yourself the question, what if your elevated cholesterol is only a symptom of another problem — an under-active thyroid?

(Notice the pet to the left who has this problem)

That makes untreated thyroid imbalance staggering  because over time, hypothyroidism will make you susceptible to coronary artery disease — as well as numerous other conditions related to an underactive thyroid gland.  At least 59 of them that we know of today!” 

Drugs That Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That Do,you’ll see why some of the most commonly prescribed drugs may be harmful to your health … and why you should consider natural therapies in your treatment program for these six common obstacles to wellness:

  • Elevated cholesterol levels — discover how you can lower your cholesterol
    naturally …
  • Osteoporosis or brittle bones — see how to maintain healthy bones without inflammation-causing drugs like Fosamax® and Boniva® …
  • Stomach problems like heartburn, reflux and ulcers — see why antacids should be used only as a last resort …
  • Depression — discover how to raise your serotonin levels through diet and amino acid supplementation — the natural antidepressant treatment …
  • Inflammation — see numerous simple and natural alternatives you can use to relieve the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms of arthritis …
  • Imbalanced hormonal system — learn how to safely balance your hormonal system to improve your well-being, slow the aging process, and even reverse many chronic conditions …

Yes, I’m Ready to Transform My Health Safely and Naturally!” David Brownstein, M.D.

That is why O2 Breakthrough was developed.  From a very personal need of my own.  I had all the classic symptoms and needed more than what the traditional medical community offered at the time.

I hope you will take a few minutes and visit my O2 Shop to select your package and start today!

Below pictures of thyroid problems, surgery and a goiter.

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