My life clock was rapidly clicking away . . . tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

More people die every year from diseases caused by high blood pressure than anything else.

Including cancer.

Lower blood pressure

I read an amazing article about Blood Pressure: <SNIP> According to research published in 1995 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, reducing blood pressure by only 2 points causes a 15% reduction in the risk of stroke.

Imagine what 30+ points will do for you when you learn my exercises.

What actually causes hypertension?

It’s probably not what you think.

First of all, you have to realize that your hypertension didn’t happen overnight.

It began to develop long before your blood pressure numbers began to rise.

Most doctors and experts admit that, even if they know about some indicating factors, most of the time they have very little idea what initially causes hypertension to appear in the first place.

Therefore, it’s tough to find a solution.

You see, everyone experiences rises in blood pressure from time to time. That’s normal under stressful situations or while doing physical workouts.

It only becomes a problem if your blood pressure stays high for a long period of time and doesn’t drop while resting.

When you’re hypertensive, your heart then constantly pumps blood with more force than the arteries can comfortable take.

The arteries begin to harden.

Like rusted water pipes, hard arteries walls tend to get cracks inside them when blood rushes through them with such a high-pressure force.

Cholesterol and other slime in the blood gather in these cracked scar tissues inside the arteries.

Making them even narrower and harder.

At this point, a deadly cycle begins . . .

Since less blood can flow through your narrowed arteries, the blood pressure increases.

To deliver enough blood through these narrow arteries, your heart begins to pump with increased force, blowing your blood pressure up through the roof.

Now your nervous system senses that your blood pressure is too high.

Normally, your body would deal with this problem by simply widening the arteries. It’s very easy if they’re soft and flexible.

But, remember, your arteries have hardened and will not widen as easily.

The next thing your nervous system attempts is to make the kidneys excrete more sodium and water to decrease the amount of blood fluid running through arteries. Less fluid, less pressure.

Mission accomplished? Not quite.

The sudden amount of blood fluid exists for a reason. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrition to every single cell in your body.

A drop in blood fluid means those cells don’t get their nutrition. And they send a deprivation message to the brain:

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Imagine how Ground Control in the brain experiences this.

  • The heart is screaming: “I need to pump more blood, faster!”
  • The kidneys scream: “The blood pressure is dangerously high, drop the blood fluid!”
  • Cells all over the body scream “We’re hungry – give us more blood!”

. . . And the nerve system reports: “Our normal response to widen the arteries and transfer more blood with less blood pressure has been unsuccessful!”

Something is seriously wrong.

The part of the brain that controls all automatic responses has only one option. It sends out serious messages to all parts of the body . . .

We’re now in crisis mode!

The crisis mode actually makes things worse.

Every cell in your body goes into over-gear and gets ready to fight the danger with anything it has.

And the cells demand much more nutrition than normal to deal with the crisis.

The heart beats harder, increasing the already high blood pressure.

And the kidneys don’t know what to do – except maybe fail.

All this may be happening while you sit here relaxed reading these words.

Unaware that . . .

. . . you may be on the edge of a stroke or heart attack right now!

Everything I’ve explained is a well-known fact in the medical field.

Just ask your doctor.

The real problem begins when trying to control parts of this vicious cycle.

For example, medications that increase fluid release from the kidneys can temporarily lower blood pressure.

This, however, can make everything worse because now the heart and cells are deprived of blood fluid.

Crisis mode again.

Plus the side effects from the drugs always screw up something else in the process.

The only permanent solution for high blood pressure is to break this cycle.

Picture yourself in a cartoon.

You walk into a meeting room with your heart, kidneys, brain, and a representative from the cells.

They’re all fighting over how to deal with your hardened arteries and high blood pressure. They all steam from rage and frustration.

Now imagine if you – as a great negotiator – could persuade them all to just calm down, sit back, and relax.

Do nothing for a few minutes.

This is what I call a focused break.

As you all sit there in the meeting room and calm your nerves, the solution is obvious to everyone:

  • Call off the crisis mode, so the cells won’t demand as much blood.
  • Slow down the heart rate, to lessen the pressure on the arteries.
  • Balance the excretion of sodium and water from the kidneys

Working calmly together, your body will heal itself.

All it needs is the “Focused Break” for everyone to calm down, synchronize, and focus on the task on hand.

And as your blood pressure drops, the arteries will soften again.

The vicious health cycle has been reversed.

And the risk of stroke or heart attack has dropped to almost zero.

<SNIP> IT IS EASY TO FIX THIS PROBLEM… So it doesn’t matter what kind of physical shape you’re in – you can do them.

With the O2 BREAKTHROUGH, you can go through the exercises in minutes a day. The simple directions are on audio, so all you have to do is follow along.

There is absolutely nothing to learn, and you can begin benefiting immediately after receiving the package you choose.

You, of course, So, based on your package preferences, you have everything you need to quickly lower your blood pressure.

It doesn’t take long.

What’s more important is what you DO NOT feel.

Since high blood pressure has no symptoms, you won’t feel how the steam pot inside of you calms down.

Nor how the vicious tensity cycle between your heart, kidneys, and brain is healed.

But you’ll be amazed when you check your blood pressure and it’s down to normal.

Just imagine your doctor’s eyes popping out when he or she sees that your hypertension is gone. He won’t believe it.

Here comes the best part.

You will NOT be sick for the rest of your life.


Because medications only deal with the symptoms of hypertension. Once you’re on medications, you’re usually on them for life.

Using these simple exercises, however, you’re dealing with the underlying cause of high blood pressure.

And therefore permanently healing yourself.

Just imagine having the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that you are healthy and strong and that you’ll live a long, happy, and productive life.

There is only one problem . . .

When I explain how simple and effective these exercises are, many people actually wonder if it’s too good to be true.

Of course, after trying the exercises for themselves, they’re convinced. But until then, they always have a little doubt.

Right now, you’re facing the biggest decision in your life. And you have three clear choices.

Choice One: Do nothing

Let your blood pressure triple inside of you until something gives.

It could be today, or tomorrow, or a month from now.

Every day you wait is a risk you take. The only thing you know for sure is, if you stick your head in the sand, it’s going to blow up in your face.

So please do something – if not for you, for your family. Because now there is something you can do.

Choice Two: Take medications

You may already be taking some. At least you’re considering it.

I’ve already told you about numerous scientific studies proving that blood pressure medications actually increase the risk of dying from stroke and heart attack instead of decreasing it.

And the side effects in fact cause several other problems. Making a bad situation worse.

But I don’t think I need to stretch this point any further.


Because if you didn’t agree with me, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

You’d be popping your pills without a care till one day . . .

. . . Need I say more?

Fortunately, there is . . .


Choice Three: Invest a few minutes, right now, to save your life

Words from people who have taken our course and succeeded:


Blood pressure drop 20 points in 3 seconds with me, with 95 y/o cancer patient in only a

few minutes~20 points, with her nurse, Kathleen Wing having the cuff on her arm while doing this.

Steve, whose BP dropped from 150 to 124 in only a few {six} seconds!

Zna put a cuff on her arm and in 3 seconds her blood pressure dropped 20 points.

Tracey states he burned 25 lbs in 2 weeks and in 2 days lowered his blood pressure down to normal.

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