7 Secrets from Zna

"7 Secrets" from Zna - eBook & mp3 Download

O2 Breakthrough - 7 Secrets from ZnaTHE BEGINNER “INTRO” BUILDING BLOCK

  • Featuring the “Favorite” Excercises!
  • 1 audio for beginners in 23 minute segment
  • eBook with the 7 secrets explained and pictured
  • This is the “Intro” building block of the O2 program
  • You will be able to order other building blocks to add to your library

This package is only an introduction and will totally show you WHY O2 is the #1 workout on the planet!

This will just give you a taste and only a taste for what the other packages have in store for you.

We started NOT to put this product out because the value is much more than it is listed for.  But the economy demands we share a taste of what is available to you with the packages that will really get you going.

If you can afford the other packages to go with them because they are the building blocks and more workouts can be added monthly as on a “as needed” basis.

The “7 Secrets” from Zna is what clients in her workout studio paid in 1981 to 1989 when studio prices were $1,000 to $3,000 for these 7 secrets/1 month training.  Don’t let this fool you… This is a STEAL!

This package will go away once our national campaign swings into full motion so download your copy now!  It is destined to be a classic!

7 Secrets from Zna


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