Favorite 5 Building Blocks Package

Zna's O2 Favorite 5 ExercisesIn today’s economy, Zna realizes that some are on a shoestring budget.  So necessity is the “mother of invention”…  When you see a need, fill it!

This “Favorite 5 Building Block” is designed to give you a fantastic start and help you stretch your dollar, but still give you FABULOUS results!

This offer is a package deal.  You get BOTH the mp3 audio course PLUS Zna’s personal  touch — a 1-on-1 personal consultation!

As you advance in your knowledge, training, and abilities, you can add on monthly individual workouts designed to keep it all fresh and exciting and keep you accountable to using this tool to get the results you’ve always dreamed of!

You’re not getting any younger!  The secret to a long life is good heatlh!  So don’t let this one slip through your fingers!

The “Beginner Core Building Block” contains:

  • The “Favorite 5″ Exercises
  • 4 audios for beginners, each 45 minutes long
  • Downloadable PDF eBook with the 5 exercises explained and illustrated

This is the first of the “core building blocks” of the O2 program.  As you master these 5 exercises, add the other “building blocks” packages to your library as well and watch your results improve even more!

Favorite 5 Building Blocks Package


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