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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2010



(Raleigh, NC) Zna Trainer, who has successfully helped thousands with her trademark O2 Breakthrough System, is now promoting her fitness program worldwide. Although she has taught her trade secrets since 1973, Zna has been promoting her program via a Saturday show and internet marketing in the United States for the past few years and has started offering her services worldwide. No longer limited to training in a physical setting, Zna offers personal, one-on-one training via the phone to clients in their homes or offices.

The Benefits

By joining Zna for an individualized program and one-on-one personal trainingclients are making fast progress, in the shortest amount of time. For the first time in 30 years, Zna is finally making public what tens of thousands of clients have already learned. She is now publishing the research findings. This research proves that, compared to traditional exercise programs, Zna’s training offers results that can’t be beat:

  • Burning nine times more fat – thousands of calories in minutes
  • Increasing oxygen intake capacity 12 times more
  • Achieving 21 times more weight loss
  • Building six times more muscle mass!

What’s more, Zna’s training offers the benefits of being able to work out only a few minutes a day from the privacy of a home or office – without having to join a gym or fight traffic going there and back!

A visit to any one of her social media sites offers a glimpse into the variety of clients. Whether she’s tweeting, posting updates on her blog, or sharing on Facebook – Zna has many success stories to share. One miracle story is shared by Mike Wesely who went from multiple heart surgeries to miraculous health using Zna’s system!

Renowned Psychologist Praises System

The best-selling author of “Pregnant on Prozac,” Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., agrees. Dr. Bennett (aka, “Dr. Shosh”) has an extremely tight schedule with five radio shows a week and speaking engagements all over the world.

“I speak to a variety of clients and physicians and travel frequently,” she said. “Zna’s program has freed me to work with more clients and be much more productive, not to mention have more time to play!”

A pioneer in the field of perinatal mental health, Dr. Shosh knows of what she speaks. She used to swim a few hours a week and perform six hours of yoga weekly – “I spent nine hours a week working out in some form or another,” she said. “Now, I can get the same benefits – and more – from just a few minutes a day!” Going from a size 10 to a size 2 in just a couple of months, Dr. Shosh says her improved health and appearance were a bonus.

Zna Launches O2 Breakthrough, page 2

A common friend – well-known image consultant Lauren Solomon – first introduced the two. For years, Dr. Shosh had researched oxygenation and its benefits, but what Zna shared astounded her. “The proof was in the pudding – within a couple of days doing the program, I was getting comments about my appearance from my sister. She told me that if she didn’t know me better, she would think I was having some kind of cosmetic treatments!”

Since joining Zna’s program, Dr. Shosh says her life has improved. “I just have more energy, time and confidence. Zna’s O2 Breakthrough has truly given me immediate, dramatic results – and the extra boost I have knowing I look like dynamite is a wonderful benefit. I will never, ever stop – oxygenating my body and brain helps me to be my max.” Dr. Shosh added that she has observed Zna’s program helping clients physically, while also improving mood.

Personal Training Now Available

“I first began sharing my trade secrets to fill in the gaps left by traditional fitness programs,” Zna said. “I quickly found that these signature exercises leave all the traditional fitness training and programs in the dust!” In comparison, they make the other programs “obsolete, archaic and ineffective.”

In fact, Zna’s clients experience nontraditional exercise breakthroughs and see their fitness levels improve quickly. In her experience, traditional programs never gave her clients such peak performance in fitness – and not as effectively or quickly. Zna’s “hurricane of oxygen” provides optimal health, vitality and longevity.

Fitness Background

Zna’s background and education includes combining fitness, exercise physiology and nutritional sciences with many years of traditional exercise. She has performed extensive studies through her work in training and management in health and fitness clubs and started sharing her trade secrets exclusively in 1981. Since then, she has completed many years working with a variety of experts on traditional exercise systems and exercise physiology. Her studies include written and oral exams, along with personal training and certification in Exercise Physiology.

Zna was also a ski instructor, teaching both children and adults in Vail, Colorado for years. “A competitive freestyle, extreme snow skier and competitive slalom water skier have all prepared me for instruction in these and other sports.” In high-intensity activities, as well as the more subdued ones, Zna claims that her clients enjoy safety, health and better mobility.

More information can be found on YouTube (znaO2bodies), Twitter (@znatrainer), Facebook (ZnaTrainer) and on her blog (

For a free intro class and more information, go to or email Zna at

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