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What is 02 Breakthrough™

The Program

02 Breakthrough™ is the essence of optimal health which is achieved through sound nutrition in conjunction with the proprietary trade secret exercises developed over decades and never learned anywhere except through Zna, who developed them .

The 02 Breakthrough™ program has been devised to increase muscle mass and strength while enhancing flexibility, coordination, balance and range of motion, without the use of equipment or any method of aerobic exercise.


Meet Zna, founder and developer of the remarkable 02 Breakthrough™ exercise program.

Zna has been an active participant in body fitness for 20 years. Because of her own figure, weight and health problems as a younger woman she set out on a quest for a better “Lifestyle”. 02 Breakthrough™ is a direct result of her endeavors. Endless research, study and application have lead her to a regimen which (with proper and consistent application) will produce immediate benefits and permanent results.

Svelte and slim today, she at one time tipped the scales to 170 and wore a size 16 garment plagued by cellulite and ungainly hip and thigh proportions.

Through her 02 Breakthrough™ program she has controlled her weight, improved her figure, skin and muscle tone without surgery or the use of diet aids. Her now sculptured size 5-6 figure has given her a youthful, healthy and vibrant appearance.

Her vitality and energy are boundless. Her image is that of a woman much younger than her 42 years. Her dream is to continue to share her program with people of all ages who desire not only beautiful bodies but healthy happy minds and spirits.

Her height is 5’ 10” weighing 145 pounds.

  • 21 times the weight loss over all conventional/traditional exercises
  • 11 1/2 {correction for formally 12 1/2 the “ventilation” OR OXYGEN INTAKE CAPACITY
  • 6 times more lean tissue mass gained over all conventional exercises, even weight training
  • 9 times more fat burned than all other exercises

SUBSTANTIAL INCH Loss off thighs and hips/butt than all conventional exercises …

The University of Utah Human Performance Research Laboratories completed a 30 day study of the program on December 31, 1986.

The following results support the power of the 02 Breakthrough™ program. As you will see, there was significant change in scale weight, % body fat, and % lean muscle tissue through the participation in the 02 Breakthrough™ program for 30 days, by 40 test subjects.

(These results are the average of the 80 test subjects)

40 Experimental – 02 Breakthrough™ clients

40 Control – Participants of conventional aerobic exercise, ie, swimming, running, aerobic dance…

The following conclusions were derived from the study.

Significant subcutaneous fat loss can be achieved through the 02 Breakthrough™ program.
Cardiovascular fitness through regular practice of the 02 Breakthrough™ program.
Increased aerobic power as well as maximal ventilation capacity.
Weight loss is achieved without lean body mass loss.
Exercise is orthopedically beneficial.

Note: This study ** was conducted by the University of Utah Human Performance Fitness Research Lab on the former method founded, developed & taught by Zna and her staff under the name of 02 Breakthrough™. In the later part of 1990 this method was revised in technique and actual workout time (from 45 minutes a day to 15 minutes a day) which is easier to learn, safer to perform and has proven to be as powerfully effective through client research to this day. This exercise method and/or Technique is currently a trade secret and requires the client to sign a non-disclosure / non-competition agreement.

The revised method is known as “02 Breakthrough™”. Testimonials and letters of recommendation apply both methods (however they are directed to xxxxxxx revised version) developed by Zna. No other person(s) and/or company private and/or public have any rights from the founder Zna to teach this method xxxxxx technique, in or out of the state of Utah. A contract of this trade secret method / Technique was and is a standard company policy for former and present office staff and clientele.  ** Diagrams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 conclusions & pretest comparisons.

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