Report on Exercise Physiology

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02 Breakthrough™ is the exercise of the Twenty-First Century!

The time finally has come to modernize exercise which has been the same for fifty years. The market is saturated with the same methods or combination of techniques advocated since the days of Jack LaLane and available in any library or gymnasium. Most of these “nothing new” exercise tapes and equipment exploit a multi-million dollar market and are successful because Americans demand healthier solutions to Twenty-First Century stresses. Paradoxically, even though there are record sales of health, diet and fitness products, more Americans are over-weight and over-stressed than ever before.

02 Breakthrough™ orchestrates the only fitness program that provides the answer to the problems that traditional exercises and diets fail to resolve. The growing number of frustrated individuals who are unsuccessful at attaining their ideal body image and health can truly benefit with 02 Breakthrough™.

02 Breakthrough™ revolutionizes fitness: this unique technology achieves the most desired results in the minimal amount of time.

Time is our most precious commodity. 02 Breakthrough™ is the breakthrough in exercise technology that is unlike any other exercise that has ever been marketed. It has proven to be more time efficient than the conventional methods. 02 Breakthrough™ is the exercise of the Twenty-First Century!

Those who desire total cardiovascular fitness, stretching, and weight training to strengthen all major and minor muscle groups, a minimum of one hour daily (seven hours per week) would be required.

Cardiovascular exercises recommended by fitness experts require a minimum of 20 minutes daily; strength and muscle training, 30 minutes daily (alternating upper body with lower body); and 10 minutes for stretching (five minutes warmup before aerobic exercise and five minutes cool down afterwards).

02 Breakthrough™ offers a safe and even more effective fat-burning and body-strengthening exercise program equivalent to all three important facets of cardiovascular, strengthening, and stretching for flexibility, strength, and aerobic fitness – for optimal health. The minimum time needed is only 5 to 15 minutes for a complete daily exercise routine, only 35 to 105 minutes
(1 hour 45 minutes) compared to conventional exercises at 7 hours per week.

02 Breakthrough™ exercises save additional time. There are no tripe (trips) to a gym or preparation for the outdoors. The entire program can be done in the privacy of a bedroom, office, or anywhere.

July 30, 1995

Preliminary Report on Exercise Physiology
Utilizing Zna’s Revolutionary Methods.

I’m a 48 year old biologist, scientist, engineer and manager with concerns about
my health and aging. I have tried many exercise programs, diets, diet medications and starvation over the last 25 plus years, all unsuccessfully. Frustrated for the last 5 years and concerned about the many rip-off diet and exercise programs on the market, I have watched what little fat free food I eat go to my waist while walking. Effective exercise takes too much time and is hard on my aging joints. Then I met Zna, and she introduced me to her revolutionary weight-loss, body sculpting program.

My results were immediate and lasting. The exercises take about 5 to 10 minutes a day. This is a great improvement over hours of walking or jogging with minimal results, Also, her non impact exercises are not stressful on my joints. While performing her exercise routine, I focused on the functions occurring at the molecular and cellular level of my body in addition to my total system.

I found her techniques superior to traditional exercise programs. As an added benefit, Zna’s program will increase the sexual abilities and health in both males and females.

Oxygen is critical to the proper function of our bodies. The problem has been how to provided enough oxygen during periods of exercise. Zna has overcome this problem! She developed a proprietary oxygenation technique and specific stretch and tension exercises that are concentrated and powerfully efficient in achieving all fitness goals in the least amount of time. I achieved increased flexibility, skeletal muscle strength, cardiovascular strength, endorphin release, and stress reduction. I lost 2 lbs. in the first workout, lost another at the next day weigh-in and 2 lbs. during my second workout. Five pounds and 4 inches off my waist in 2 days! I feel great! This is not a water loss, it is fat reduction, muscle strengthening and body sculpting.

I reviewed the initial research of Zna’s techniques of laboratory and field tests. The results are phenomenal! The bottom line is her exercise program works!

Human physiology, biochemistry and cellular interactions are very complex processes and not completely understood. I researched several physiology books to determine how Zna’s exercises work.


“External respiration involves expiration of carbon dioxide and inspiration of oxygen transported to and from the lungs by hemoglobin of the venous and arterial blood. Breathing is involuntary, but it may be controlled voluntary. The rate of involuntary breathing is adjusted by nerve centers of the brain.” The diaphragm muscles pull the central tendon down creating a negative pressure in the thoracic cavity. When the airway is opened atmospheric pressure pushes air into the lungs. To exhale the diaphragm muscles relax and the central tendon returns to its normal position creating a positive pressure in the lungs. When the airway is opened the internal pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure and the air is expelled. Our tidal volume of air is only 500 ml, therefore our diaphragm gets very little exercise and our lung capacity diminishes with age, resulting in increased general fatigue.

“We consume about 300 ml of O² per minute, and give off about 250 ml of CO². These quantities of gas must diffuse each minute between the blood passing through the pulmonary capillaries and the gas contained in the lungs. There is about 150 ml of gas contained in the airway or dead space. Because of this dead space, the first 150 ml of each breath is nothing but alveolar air from the last expiration.”

Zna will train you how to voluntary breathe to increase your lung capacity and strengthen your diaphragm. This insures an abundance of oxygen to the body before the body detects an oxygen depletion. While exercising, I noticed a minimal increase in my respiration and heart rate. In traditional exercise the nerve sensors in the brain control the rate of involuntary breathing as the body demands more oxygen. This method means our body is constantly trying to catch up, resulting in a marked increased heart and respiratory rate.

“There are many factors that determine the diffusion of a gas across a membrane. The volume of gas diffusing per minute, V, is given by the equation:

V = K x A/d x S/√M ΔP = D ΔP.

In this equation, K is a constant, A is the area and d the thickness of the membrane between the alveolar air and blood, S is the solubility and M the molecular weight of the diffusing gas, and ΔP is the difference in the partial pressure of the gas between the alveolar air and the mean partial pressure of the blood as it passes through capillaries. D may be called the diffusing capacity of a given lung for a particular gas, and has the dimensions in milliliters of gas per minute per mm Hg of pressure difference.”

Obviously a thick membrane will retard diffusion of gas because the gas must move across a greater distance. Additionally, the total surface area of the membrane

available for diffusion has a direct effect on the rate. “The surface of each alveolus is covered by a hexagonal network of capillaries so that the blood flows over the alveolus almost in a thin sheet. The effective area of this blood-air barrier can be varied by changes in flow of both air and blood.”

It appears the factors in the above equation are beyond our direct control. We can’t change the solubility or molecular weight of oxygen or the partial pressure and the area and thickness of the alveoli are controlled by our involuntary breathing or blood flow. However, if we could change the A/d ratio the volume of gas diffusing per minute would dramatically increase. By voluntarily increasing inspiration the alveolar membrane thickness is decreased and the surface area is increased.

Zna’s technique exploits this aspect of physiology for the maximum benefit of oxygen transfer from the air to our body. Her technique provides extensive exercise to the diaphragm and massage of vital internal organs, thereby increasing circulation of the lymph and circulatory (blood) systems. Oxygen is available to the body before nerve centers determine there is a decrease. This phenomenon keeps the heart rate low and minimizes the “pumping” of muscles with blood and oxygen. After a good workout I found a reduction in all of my body measurements. Traditional exercises always increased my measurements where I wanted a reduction.


“Initial muscle contraction does not require the presence of oxygen. As in other tissues, energy is liberated by the burning of carbohydrate and fat is utilized as phosphate bond energy. In skeletal muscles, carbohydrate is the chief source of energy. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, lactic acid is produced in muscles during activity thereby reducing the efficiency of the muscle to function. During recovery from exercise, O² consumption is increased.” The time period is directly proportional to the severity of the exercise.

Due to oxygen saturation before and during exercising, I experienced minimal recovery symptoms found in traditional exercises. I believe there was minimal lactic acid build up also.


“Myoglobins, or “muscle hemoglobins,” are found in muscles. They are distributed in cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles. Much of the red color of fresh muscle is owed to the myoglobin. Myoglobin in a living muscle is retained in the muscle cells, near or combined with the mitochondria. In some rare disease states, some myoglobin may be

lost from muscles and appear in the urine. Violent exercise or trauma may have the same effect.”

“The physiological role of myoglobin is that of the storage of molecular oxygen in muscle. Oxygen diffusing into the muscle from the blood capillaries combines with deoxygenated ferromyoglobin to form oxymyoglobin. As the consumption of oxygen overtakes the rate of supply from the blood, the oxymyoglobin store is drawn upon. As the oxygen concentration falls, the oxymyoglobin dissociates in a mobile equilibrium. When the supply of oxygen from the blood overtakes the rate of consumption, the reverse process again predominates and the deoxygenated myoglobin in oxygenated once more.”

“The affinity of myoglobin for oxygen is greater than that of hemoglobin. This difference means that the myoglobin reservoir of oxygen can be built up at the expense of the hemoglobin reservoir circulating in the blood. The latter is replenished by exposure to air in the lungs.”

Zna’s oxygenation exercise keeps our body in homeostasis (equilibrium). When the muscles have an adequate supply of oxygen, I believe, the surplus oxygen goes to tissues and organs for processing by cells to transfer energy needed by the muscles (see next paragraph). Also her non impact methods prevent myoglobin from being lost from muscles.

“Cellular respiration is primarily an energy-yielding dissimilation process and a phenomenon that is exhibited by all living cells. In this process, high-energy containing substances generally carbohydrates (e.g., starch, glycogen, sucrose, glucose) or lipids are broken down in a stepwise manner, under enzymatic control, to simpler substances of lower energy content. Chemical or free energy is liberated at certain specific stages in the form of high energy phosphate bonds (~P) which are trapped by the adenylic acceptor system (adenosine diphosphate, ADP) and stored in pyrophate bonds of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The overall efficiency is estimated at 60-70% which is high in comparison to man-made machines.”

“The aerobic (oxygen present) cellular respiration of glucose involves the consumption of oxygen, the release of an equivalent volume of carbon dioxide, the liberation of energy and the formation of water according to the following over-all equation:

C6H12O6 + 6O² -> 6CO² + 6H²O     ΔF + -688 kg cal/mole

The transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide by blood affords the body tissue ample oxygen to carry out the processes of aerobic cellular respiration with the removal of carbon dioxide.

Following Zna’s instruction, I had an aerobic workout and a true weight loss as cells utilized the surplus oxygen in cellular respiration, thus producing carbon dioxide, water and energy. During traditional exercises I had profuse perspiration. After traditional

exercises, my urine was concentrated as indicated by the dark gold to orange coloration. Also, my body required large quantities of water to replenish the water loss and thus regaining the water loss from traditional exercising.

During the work out with Zna, my perspiration was dramatically reduced and evaporated quickly. After the workout, I ingested a minimal amount of water and my urine was of near normal concentration, as indicated by the light yellow color. These factors indicate her exercises are true weight loss due to aerobic cellular respiration, not water loss.


“The metabolism of fatty acids in the living organism is a complex process. In general terms, however, two fates can be described. The free fatty acids are either oxidized for energy production or esterfied to form more complex lipids which sub serve a variety of structural, storage, transport and hormonal functions.”

“Neutral fat is found in all normal diets and can be synthesized by a variety of tissues from both carbohydrate and protein constituents. Indeed, in so far as the calorie intake exceeds the caloric output, net synthesis of triglyceride in adipose tissue occurs.”

“Cells utilize carbohydrates as a source of energy. The complete oxidation of the carbohydrate glucose to CO² and H²O yields 688 kcal of heat per mole of glucose (see equation above). When this oxidation occurs in a cell, the energy is not all dissipated as heat. Some of the evolved energy is conserved in biochemically utilizable form of “high energy” phosphates such as adenosine triphosphatte (ATP).”

“Most compounds through the process of metabolism are broken down into H²O, CO² through the cyclic enzymatic system called the Krebs citric acid cycle. The citric acid cycle constitutes the final common pathway in the degradation of foodstuffs and cell constituents to carbon dioxide and water. Each complete turn of the cycle results in the conversion of one molecule of acetyl coenzyme A, to CO² and H²O. Hydrogen atoms are transferred to coenzymes. In this and subsequent process, the hydrogen atoms become dissociated into protons and electrons. The electrons pass through a complex chain of enzymes, called the electron transport system or respiratory chain and are ultimately used to reduce oxygen. The function of the electron transport system is to convert the energy liberated in the reaction into chemical energy.”

The above processes occur less often in traditional exercises due to oxygen deprivation in the system. We attempt to increase our metabolism by strenuous exercise and reduce our caloric intake. Our body compensates by conserving energy, as well as,

synthesizing fat from protein and carbohydrates for the perceived famine. Zna’s technique metabolizes fatty acids to energy or lipids by having the oxygen available.
The metabolism increases the caloric output of the body over the caloric input thus achieving a true and lasting weight loss.

I believe the weight and inch loss is a result of the extra oxygen present in the body without stimulating major muscle groups. They require less oxygen keeping the heart rate low. The surplus oxygen stimulates the Krebs cycle to process the fats in adipose tissue that is passed out of the body primarily through respiration and energy consumption. Exercising the diaphragm stimulates the lymph system near the liver, while the other exercises stimulate the lymph system throughout the body, thereby reducing the interstitial fluid (swelling between cells) and intracellular fluid by improved circulation. By exercising the diaphragm, the lung capacity is increased, thereby increasing oxygen capacity. In addition, other abdominal organs are stimulated and provided oxygen to increase there functions. Zna can custom tailor the program to maintain or build musculature while reshaping the body. A cardiac workout is achieved at a lower pulse rate and reduced blood pressure than traditional exercise methods. This is a safer, healthier, quicker, easier exercise method for everyone to enjoy the results of good health.

Observations submitted on 30 July 1995 by:

“Ric” Given
BS Biology & Chemistry

I have 12 years experience in the health profession, just completed a one year course in Anatomy and Physiology and been accepted to a doctorate program in a medical profession (Doctor of Optometry).

Of several book researched only the following two are quoted in the above paper:

“Magill’s Survey of Science,” edited by Frank N. Magill, 1991

“The Encyclopedia of Biochemistry,” edited by Roger J. Williams and Edwin M. Lansford, Jr., 1987

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