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Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
P.O. BOX 8727

20 July 83

Dear Zna,

I’m sorry that I have not responded until now
to your informative letter about the possibility of being
on the Medical Advisory Board of the 02 Breakthrough™.
I would be honored to be part of a program that is
devoted to such a serious problem.

Nutrition does play a big role in the anorectic
and the bulimic. I need to find out more about the
treatment that you use and how I could learn from you and
also contribute what I know that could lead these people
to this self-destructive perception that they must lose
a pathological amount of weight.


Lendon Smith

Old Farm
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Old Farm Plaza – 3970 South 700 East, Suite 14
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
(801) 261-3605

November 1, 1989

02 Breakthrough™ is a remarkable exercise program and Lifestyle which I have observed since 1984. My wife and many of my patients have achieved dramatic results and success by following this program.

As Zna’s physician of 5 years I have witnessed her unprecedented progress as she has skillfully changed her figure. Through her 02 Breakthrough™ she has controlled her weight, improved her skin and muscle tone without surgery or the use of diet aids. The 02 Breakthrough™ has seemed to restore her body comparable to that of a much younger woman.

Her wealth of knowledge and perseverance have resulted in an energetic and vibrant woman creating an image of youthfulness and vitality.

I recommend as one of 02 Breakthrough’s™ medical consultants that each client ask their physician to participate in their program which includes in house certified lab testing. These tests will help monitor your progress as you regularly exercise and improve your lifestyle.


Alan Rappleye, M.D. OB/GYN

Salt Lake Clinic
Suite W-200 – Alta View Medical Plaza
9720 South 1300 East

(801) 571-8381


Re: Zna

The above named patient has done extremely well on 02 Breakthrough™ program. She has lost weight and improved her skin and muscle tone dramatically. The weight loss was excellent but the skin and muscle tone is even better. She has not needed any plastic surgery. Based on this person’s success I can recommend this system to


Kent Rasmussen, M.D.

In six months using the 02 Breakthrough™ exercises I went from size 14 to a size 3-4 without really trying. I achieved more in 30 days with this program than in 10 years of running 6 miles a day.

My “thunder thighs” were elongated. I have flexibility that I haven’t had as a child. I have strengthened my whole body.

People who know me think I look 20 years younger than I looked 6 months ago. People who don’t know me can’t believe I’m 43 with 6 children.

My body continues to improve, refine & sculpture. I’ve lost desire for unhealthy eating.

My collegues (colleagues) comment” “Where do you get so much energy?” after teaching two sessions of kindergarten and attending late evening real estate classes. They call me the “kindergarten cheerleader.”

Nancy Adair

Over the last three and one-half years that I have been involved with Zna’s concept,
I have come to realize that it is a unique program that doesn’t involve aerobic exercises, running, weight lifting, dieting, diet aids of any kind, calorie counting, or those diet packaged foods and the like.

I am impressed with its simplicity in concept yet its overpowering results that occur in such a short period of time. Weight loss and inch loss (as well as other results on the body and mind) begin immediately from the very first session and seem to continue overnight with as little as a 15 minute workout. This is not merely a pound or two lost weekly but sometimes, based on the individual’s ability to perform the technique, one may experience a two or three pound loss overnight. There is a tremendous amount of information about the success of this technique, as well as much documentation from past and current clientele results.

I see people flocking to program offering pills, packaged foods, calorie and weighing measure systems, thinking that it is the easy way to solve their problems, only to find out after six long months or a year that they have spend $900 or more with minimal success. Then once they have retired from the purchase of these aids, they gain 108 % back – back on the road to discouragement, obesity, low self-esteem, and lost hope.

This comes from first-hand experience with hundreds of clients that I have seen personally walk through our doors and leave happy, trim, vibrant, “excited to live” people, and the list goes on.

I appreciate your interest and consideration in investigating this great innovation that Zna has developed through much research, which has helped nearly ten thousand people over the years.


Christian J. Maudsley, President
02 Breakthrough™

TO:      Whom It May Concern

FROM: Shannan Hopkins Busby

RE:      Zna

Date:    March 20, 1992

I, Shannan Busby (formerly Shannan Hopkins), was a client and trainer for Zna. At that time, Zna’s business was called 02 Breakthrough™. While attending a University in Hawaii in 1983, I heard about Zna and her phenomenal exercise. I cut my education in Hawaii short and moved to Utah in 1984, so that I could learn Zna’s exercises and one day become a trainer for her.

Before learning Zna’s “Abdominal Lift”, I had to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete contract; this was company policy. Before learning the exercises, all clients, employees and subcontractors learning Zna’s trade secret were required to sign this contract. The exercise consisted of an abdominal lift combined with a 90%-100% CO² expulsion all done while engaging in various isometric and isotonic-type exercises. Zna’s formula worked because of the combination of the abdominal lift with any form of exercise including isometrics, isotonics and stretching. The yoga technique as shown in yoga books does not do that. This is exactly why Zna had us sign a non-disclosure non-compete. I had never before heard of any exercise similar to these, and I have hence to hear of anything similar.

I would like to comment on Zna as a person and business woman. I met her in 1984 and have had contact with her during the eight years since that time. I have never seen Zna approach anything without utmost integrity. Her character is beyond reproach.


Shannan Busby

I started 02 Breakthrough™ weighing 140 pounds which is about what I had weighed for the past ten years. Because my weight was out of control I felt out of control of my life and was very moody. I had little energy and I was frustrated with life in general.

I found Zna and those who work with her to be very positive and outgoing. They were there to listen and give encouragement and help when I needed it (which was quite often in the beginning!).

The program is set up to make each client a winner. The personalized instruction gave me not only the opportunity to learn the exercises to the most efficiency but also to ask questions and get answers. In just 10 sessions I had the knowledge to change my life forever.

The lifestyle lectures which Zna gives have taught me a new way of eating and food combining so that I get the best nutritional value. I am eating better and so is my family. My kids are starting to ask for fruits instead of candy.

Before starting the program I was a size 16. When I started…I would have been really happy to get to a size ten. After only 3 months I was down to a size 8 and I am now a size 6! (see color tri-fold or video)

All through high school I was a size 14-16 and now ten years and three kids later I am a size 6! I am a totally new energetic and enthusiastic person. Literally everyone I see mentions how good I look and how positive I now am. Now every time I see someone with a weight problem like I had I wish that they could discover what I did… Having control of my weight has given me the confidence to take control of the other areas of my life. I now feel firmly in the drivers seat and I love it!


Jodi Cheney

March 24, 1991

To whom it may concern:

As a past client of the 02 Breakthrough™ program. I would like to share my feelings regarding it with anyone investigating if (it) or themselves or for others who may benefit from it.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I have been for the past 21 years of my life. As a result of the stress of the disease on my body, and also from failure to gain control of my health through conventional means of diet and exercise, I inquired into the program in 1989. I must say the whole thing sounded too good to be true but my curiosity got the better of me and I enrolled.

As this program is two-fold in nature, it consists of the exercises as well as the dietary information which is key in obtaining and maintaining an optimal level of health. As a diabetic, I have lived the basic rules of nutrition set forth by the standard medical establishments. The changes I made in diet alone enabled me to drop 20 lbs. within a month without jeopardizing my health and also without being hungry.

The exercise technique is wonderful! I felt the oxygenation process the first time I tried it and I was convinced of its effectiveness. I was not very good at it at first, but with practice I became much more comfortable with it. I enjoyed it so much that I brought my sister along and was helping her at a “lift” clinic one Saturday afternoon. Zna asked me to become a personal trainer, which I did for the remainder of that year. It was a unique pleasure to teach others this technique and to have them feel it working within their own bodies. It takes concentration of mind and body, but it is not too difficult to learn. It can be done anywhere that you have access to a little privacy. What is so wonderful about it is that it takes only minutes to feel it working. It is the ultimate technique for waking up for providing a much needed energy boost and for the reducing mental and emotional stress at the very moment you do it. It’s great!

The concept is simple. Get the oxygen to the cells in the most effective and efficient manner, as it is oxygen that is required to change food into fuel for your body to function. It accomplishes this in a way no other exercise can. In this thing, I believe the technique to be unparalleled and without a doubt the best technology available to date.

For those who make the commitment to do it, I wish the very best of success and the increased quality of life that this program can provide if you will learn it and live it.


Lisa Ashby

April 10, 1991

To whom it may concern:

I have watched my wife, Nancy, condition her body over the past three years through the exercise program that Zna has developed and both she and Christian Maudsley currently administer. Nancy lost 30 pounds in the first three months, not only that, she did something that I would have guaranteed impossible: She spot reduced tush and thighs.

Skeptical by nature, and being a runner, my words to my wife were something like this. “Okay, if you want to waste our money for a gimmick like this, you deserve it. But, I guarantee that in three months you will be only slightly, if any, different from your current physical condition and weight. All you will have gained will be knowledge, the knowledge of one more weight-loss, conditioning program that is heavy on promises and light on substance.”

A financial analyst by professional training, I am used to seeing through the hype of a sales pitch and separating the fluff from hard facts. In this instance, I am surrounded by hard bodies which have supplied plenty of hard facts in this matter. I have watched three of my wife’s close friends become curious at what she had done to seemingly turn her age back from forty to thirty. After adopting this program one of the friends placed high in the rankings in Mrs. Utah Pageant, the next one, an 8 mile-per-day runner lost more weight in her first month of Zna’s program than in her previous decade of running. The third went from a matronly forty year old mother of four to a visual “knockout” within three months.

I know this product is unusual in that it performs up to expectations. Additionally, a selling feature, in my book, is that it has only very miminal (minimal) previous marketing exposure. In fact, I can’t figure out why I am telling someone else about it when I could be promoting it myself.


Michael D. Adair

Dear Zna,

I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my weight loss! You said it could be done and you did it. In less than three months I have lost 20 pounds and nearly 50 inches!!

People stop me all the time and ask, who’s the magician? Or, how did you do it? Working on television isn’t always easy, especially after the birth of my daughter ten months ago. I didn’t really know if your program was the one for me, but what can I say … I’m actually happy with myself for the first time. And even though I don’t weigh the same as before the birth, my clothes are smaller, and I can eat without the fear of regaining the lost weight.

My only wish now is that everyone have the opportunity to learn what you taught me.
No one has to be heavy, no one has to starve to lose weight, and anyone can learn
your technique.

Thank you for caring about me, and for the magic you performed!

Your Friend,

Skye Winslow, Spokesperson
PM Magazine Utah
KUTV Channel 2

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