Terri, mother

“I like natural which for me means I wear my hair in it’s natural element, no coloring, perming, etc. Same goes for my nails, which are strong and shiny. I leave others to the maintenance and up keep of acrylics.

Sleep is key. I have learned from experience it is an area I cannot afford to skimp on, I am at my best with 9 solid hours of sleep. Praying and reading my scriptures before sleep enables my mind and body to fall into a deep sleep.

Exercise: I have an AMAZING program I do for 20 minutes a day, first thing in the morning. Which enables me to burn fat and thousands of calories.

I had 2 c-sections and was left with a pouch in place of a tight and toned stomach. After only three months the pouch is gone and I am left with only a four inch rising from the incision.

Before the 20 minute a day I tried every thing from personal trainers, boot camp, spinning, and trail running to mention a few. I thought my only option was to go under the knife and have a tummy tuck.”

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