Grandma Barbara Lee sends a letter to Zna!

From the age of twelve, due to a bicycle accident, and several events that followed, medical science said it was a miracle that I was able to walk at all.  In spite of this, it was possible for me to raise our family of six children, and serve in many, many capacities, even until my eighty-fifth birthday, when I was still giving five to six hours service each day.  However, the pain over a long period of time had become so intense that every step was very difficult, and I finally accepted using a walker, but the pain was still there, and the only relief there was came from laying on my left side in a fetal position.

The last eight months I have spent most of my time on my adjustable bed doing lovely, quiet things, thinking it was time to retire, and life was still very good.

Just one month ago, however, my daughter Carolyn introduced my daughter Susan (with whom I now live), and me to Zna’s marvelous exercise program.  Each morning at the top of our appointed hour we have done our exercises with her.

Within a couple of weeks, I was having less pain, had more energy, was moving better, and was spending more time downstairs with the family.  Since being here, it was possible to go to Church for one and one quarter hours; then return home and go back to the fetal position.  However, yesterday, it was possible to go to Church for the full three hours, rest for a short while, then enjoy our beautiful Father’s Day dinner, and afterwords play games with the family.  And on Friday I was away from home most of the day with activities, and was then able to go to a wedding reception that evening, a feat completely unthinkable a short month ago.

A whole new life is opening up to me, and no one is more surprised than I.  I am now working on an Extraction Program for Genealogy, and who knows?  There may be much more for me to give, and ways for me to serve while still here on the earth.  It could easily be that “The Best Is Yet to Come”.

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Thank you, Zna!!!


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