Do you have the Body You Were Meant to Have?

Have you ever watched pro athletes as they perform?  Have you noticed how their bodies twist and contort in all sorts of ways? It seems as if their bodies were built in a special way to do these things doesn’t it?

What if I told you that your body was built the same way.

It is possible for you at any age to have the same kind of lean muscular body.  Our ancestors had to forge their way everyday to hunt and find food. They walked everywhere and by doing so they burned a tremendous amount of calories and this activity keep them going for years.  As you know, we no longer her to hunt for food and do those types of things today.

So today you see a flurry of fitness trainers telling you to get up and do all types of weight exercises and calisthenics and aerobics for hours a day in order to burn up the fat stores.  You have to also be sure you are in that heart rate zone in order to achieve success.  Have you noticed over the years how the advice continues to change?  I remember the high impact aerobics days of pounding my feet and legs causing major joint discomfort and for some it led to permanent problems and excruciating back pain. I could go on with examples but I think you have watched these transitions with extreme interest as I have.  The question is, why does the advice keep changing?  Why do peak conditioned athletes drop dead?

It is my personal experience that you should be doing the opposite to these methods and my research proves it.  Your body is made to store energy from your food for you to survive.  Our bodies are just not designed to take in a huge amount of calories, especially from high processed foods that is in our American diet.  So if you are eating more than your body needs to use as fuel, it will store the fat.  This teaches your body to store more fat as you try to use workout sessions to burn up fat.  It is very difficult to lose weight in the scenario.  Not impossible but difficult.  So what I am basically saying is, think about the calories you do take in but especially the type of calories you are eating.

Breaking it down to your exercise routine.  The experts are now saying do 10 minute sessions that concentrate on specific areas of the body. Short 15 – 90 seconds in bursts are doing more for burning weight off for hours after you workout rather than expending 1 hour treadmill or cycling even though you burn more calories in the 45 minutes, you burn more fat in the short bursts.  I have a success story from John Bonner who holds a Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education for over 20 years on this blog. CLICK HERE John experienced this for himself  many years ago when I met him in person.

My O2 BREAKTHROUGH program has used these short bursts workouts for 30 years while the fitness community today is just now getting clued in. By joining my program and learning how cleansing your body at the cellular level can totally change you in minutes will astound you. We have gentle exercise positions that we show you for every part of your body while using our trade secret O2 Breakthrough method and the results will prove it.  No longer do you need to spend hours in a gym or do hard and difficult workouts suggested by many trainers.  You can of course do any physical activity you enjoy but make O2 Breakthrough your #1 way to get lean, cleanse your cells and experience an euphoric life.  Remember we can teach anyone, even if you are bedridden how to begin this simple yet profound program that will help you as it has thousands of others in over 30 years.

We have classes starting weekly.  You don’t leave home, you don’t go to a gym. You use your phone and use the power of your mind and concentration to follow my vocal instructions. We are off the phone in 10 minutes. You come to a group conference call that we have Monday – Friday at specific times throughout the day to accommodate everyone.  Depending on your membership, you will have access to 24/7 through a membership area to be able to review the basics through audio.  If you prefer, you will be able to call in our voice center and hear me guide you through your workouts.  We have set it up so that it fits any schedule for busy people.

In closing, I hope it you will take the times to look over our blog.  At the success stories and hear people from all walks of life talk about how excited they are to finally find a solution.

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